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  Joe Galloway:
Sunday July 2, 2000, at VHPA Memorial at The Wall:  Joe. L. Galloway
  [A memorial speech at the Wall which was preceded by a fly by of Hueys, 
  Cobras, Loaches etc.]

  Monday July 3, 2000, at Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association Dinner &
  Reunion:  Joe. L. Galloway [A speech at the
at the Vietnam Helicopter Pilots 
  Association dinner and reunion in Washington, D.C.]

  Michael Kelley: 
  The Three Walls Behind The Wall? Unraveling the Myth of Vietnam Veteran 
  Suicide [This well researched and documented article explores the myths vs. 
  the facts of Vietnam Veteran suicides.] 

  Myths & Misconceptions: Vietnam War Folklore [Persistent myths about the 
  Vietnam War are examined and debunked.]

  The MIA/POW Flag: Symbol of Unity or Division?  [Many Vietnam Veterans 
  feel the MIA/POW flag should not be flown over public buildings.]

  Coming Home 
 [One Vietnam Veteran's story of his homecoming from the war]

  Vietnam and Desert Storm: Learning the Right Lessons from Vietnam for the 
  Post-Cold War Era, by Col. Joseph P. Martino, USAF, (Ret.)  [An excellent  
  example of critical thinking. contains a table that compares the wars]

  "The Courage of Sam Bird", by B. T. Collins  [A tribute to a veteran whom  
  Historian William Manchester described as "a lean, sinewy Kansan, the kind 
  of American youth whom Congressmen dutifully praise each Fourth of July
  and whose existence many, grown jaded by years on the Hill, secretly 

  "The Noblest Calling", by J. D. Wetterling [A tribute by a veteran to three 
  fallen fellow veterans. Discusses politics and their parts in the war.]

  "The Haunting", by Phil McCombs  [About a veteran's reconciliation with the
  war, and finding new meaning in helping the Vietnamese.]

  "Vietnam As A Metaphor", by Ernest W. Lefever [When the more cynical view 
  of Vietnam gives way to a more honest and nuanced view, America will be 
  better equipped to grapple with future crises abroad.]

  "Vietnam's Ghosts", by Ernest W. Lefever [The cynical view of our  
  involvement in Vietnam became part of a larger culture of shame, guilt and 
  self-flagellation that erupted in flag burning and other attacks on traditional 
  institutions. It also helped spawn the "Vietnam Syndrome" that all but 
  paralyzed America from using military force abroad.]

  Vietnam: Learning From Tragedy, by Thomas Martin [The tragedy of Vietnam 
  remains a haunting reminder of the limits of both power and historical 
  experience in providing effective remedies for contemporary diplomatic and 
  military crises.]

  The Lessons of the Vietnam War: Noam Chomsky [American imperialism has 
  suffered a stunning defeat in Indochina. But the same forces are engaged in 
  another war against a much less resilient enemy: the American people. Here, 
  the prospects for success are much greater. The battleground is ideological,
  not military. At stake are the lessons to be drawn from the American war.
  In Indochina; the outcome will determine the course and character of new 
  imperial ventures.]

  Lessons Learned from Vietnam: Major H.R. McMaster [Studying the history 
  of war has become more important as some people argue that new
  technologies have revolutionized warfare.]

  Straight Talk: Some Thoughts About the Vietnam War, from Joseph E. 
  Abodeely, Colonel (Ret.) [A speech given at the 5TH U.S. CAVALRY 
  ASSOCIATION REUNION-PHOENIX-MAY 20, 2000. Discusses conditions 
  experiences during the war, and the results the American anti-war 
  protestors achieved in post-war Vietnam.]

  THE LEGALITY OF THE VIETNAM WAR, by Joseph E. Abodeely, April 1969.
  [Well-documented essay written during the war. Discusses the issues about 
  the President using troops in an undeclared war, the nature of the internal
  conflict--civil war or genocide, and the lack of congressional and public 


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