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Ho Chi Minh (left) and Ngo Dimh Diem

  Critical Dates of the Viet Nam Conflict 
  [Dean of Language Arts John K. Swensson's Web page]

  Tonkin Gulf:

  Dien Bien Phu:

  Ia Drang Valley:

  Khe Sanh:

  Tet Offensive:

  The Ho Chi Minh Trail:

  Son Tay Prison Raid:

  Long Tan:

  My Lai:

  The Fall of Saigon:

  History and Reconciliation 
 [American Radio Works: Revisiting Vietnam]

  Vietnam: A Country History  
 [lots of links about the country in general]

  Veterans Now Guiding Troops Impart Painful Lessons  

  Vietnam Timeline Online: 1945-1997

  Battlefield Vietnam [A PBS Web site]

  Vietnam: 1954-1968 [A CNN Web site]

  The Flags

  The Events: A Chronology of US Involvement in the Vietnam War

  Documents Relating to Foreign Policy: Vietnam

  Characteristics of the Vietnam War

  National Liberation Front (NLF) 

  History: the Vietnam War [Information portal with many links]

   The Vietnam War Declassification Project: April 2000

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