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              -- The Media in the Vietnam Conflict --
The Coverage of the Vietnam War in an Organizational Context: 
  The ABC and CBS Experience

  The Mark: A War Correspondent's Memoir of Vietnam and Cambodia

A Pictorial Essay of the Vietnam War: Photographs by Tim Page

  Tim O'Brien, novelist [books authored, excerpts, reviews]

  Lies, Deceit and Hypocrisy, by Kristian Kahrs 
 [In the end the American people saw the lies, deceit and hypocrisy
  from the establishment in Saigon and the MACV. Because of the
  endless effort from the correspondents to communicate the truth,
  many civilians had begun to doubt the accuracy in the dispatches from 
  the MACV.Thus, the young and idealistic correspondents in Saigon
  were able to make a difference on American foreign policy.]

  Interview: Neil Sheehan

  The News Media and the War in Vietnam: Myths and Realities
  by Peter Braestrup

  The Myth Of The Girl In The Photo, by Ronald N. Timberlake


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