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        -- Native Americans --
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"Indian people have always respected their Vets...
  So when they come home, they come home with honor and dignity.
  Not like many of the non-Indians who came home to outright

  Native American Vietnam Veterans
  During the Vietnam War, close to 90% of the 86,000 Indians who 
  enlisted volunteered, giving Native Americans the highest record of 
  service per capita of any ethnic group. Over half served in combat.

  Native American Vietnam Veterans
  their dreams, why they went, warrior tradition, stereotypes, 
  coming home, post-traumatic stress, being "hardcore", 
  leadership, pride

  Native American Warriors  
[Honors the Native Americans killed in Vietnam]

  Jim Northrup, Poet, Veteran                                                                   
  [Located in right column, second from top]
Writer and former Marine Jim Northrup reflects on his Vietnam War 
  experience. See the slideshow with photos by Steve Schapiro and
  text by John Biewen, and listen to excerpts from Northrup's

  "Strong Hearts & Wounded Souls": by Tom Holm  
 [a copy of this book is in the DeCillis Collection at
  the De Anza College Library: DS 559.72  .H65  1996]

  Michael A. Naranjo, Disabled Native American Veteran and Artist

  Native Veterans Association of Northwestern Ontario

  Jimerson's Cyberhome: A Native American Vietnam Veteran

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