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  Critical Dates of the Viet Nam Conflict [John Swensson's page] 

  United States in Vietnam 1945-1975
  [Comprehensive Timelines with Quotes and Analysis - excellent site]

  Interactive Wartime Chronology: VIETNAM, 1945-1975

  Vietnam Timeline Online: 1945-1997

  The Events: A Chronology of US Involvement in the Vietnam War

  Dien Bien Phu: 1954 battle changed Vietnam's history

  The Geneva Peace Accords, July 21, 1954 

  The American Response to the Geneva Declarations, July 21, 1954

  Southeast Asia Treaty Organization (SEATO), September 8, 1954 

  President Eisenhower's Letter of Support to Ngo Dinh Diem, October 23, 1954

  Law 10/59, May 6, 1959: Excerpts from Law 10/59, Diem's repressive 
  legislation against suspected Communists 

  Duong Loi Cach Nang Mien Nam [The Path of Revolution in the South], 1956 
  [The southern Communists' statement of opposition to the U.S.-Diem regime 
  and commitment to armed violence.]

  Rusk-McNamara Report to Kennedy, November 11, 1961 

  Phone Conversation between Ngo Dinh Diem and Henry Cabot Lodge, 
  November 1,1963

  The Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, August 6-7, 1964 

  McGeorge Bundy Memo to President Johnson, February 7, 1965 
  [Excerpts from Bundy's memo to Johnson, advocating "sustained reprisal 
  against North Vietnam" in response to the NLF attack on two U.S. army  

  Thu Vao Nam [Letters to the South], 1965 
  [The Hanoi Politburo's letter to the Communist Party in the South, outlining the  
  Party's commitment to a protracted war strategy.] 

  National Security Action Memorandum Number 328, April 6,1965 
  [Memo signed by McGeorge Bundy and addressed to the Secretary of State,  
  Secretary of Defense, and the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency,  
  documenting Johnson's approval of a 20,000-man increase in U.S. military 
  support for South Viet Nam.] 

  Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara's Memo to President Johnson, 
  July 20, 1965 
  [A summary of McNamara's memo advocating further increases in the number 
  of combat troops committed to Viet Nam.] 

  Democratic Republic of Vietnam Peace Proposal, June 26, 1971 
  [Hanoi's peace proposal, presented at the Paris talks in 1971.] 

  Peace Proposal of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of  
  South Viet Nam, July 1, 1971 
  [The Southern Communists' peace proposal, presented at the 1971 Paris talks] 

  President Nixon's Speech to the American Public, November 3, 1969 
  [Nixon's "Vietnamization" plan.]

  President Nixon's Speech to the American Public, April 30, 1970 
  [Nixon's justification of the offensive in Cambodia.] 

  The Paris Accords, January 27, 1973 
  [Excerpts from the Paris peace agreement, formally concluding the war  
  between the United States and North Viet Nam.] 

  The Involvement: A Chronology

  "The Vietnam War Declassification Project": April 2000


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