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                                  -- TOUR 365 --
                               Tour 365

  Page 1  Tour 365 Cover Page
  Page 2  Contents For Summer 1970 Issue
  Page 5  U.S. Army & Vietnam: Its Units - MACV
  Page 6  Units: 1 Field Force, 2 Field Force, XXIV CORPS
  Page 7  Units: 1st Logistical Command, 1st Aviation Brigade,
          1st Signal Brigade
  Page 8  Units: 4th Infantry Division, 3rd Brigade 9th Infantry
          Division, 25th Infantry Division
  Page 9  Units: Americal Division, 1st Cavalry Division
          (Airmobile), 101st Airborne Division (Airmobile)
  Page 10  Units: 173rd Airborne Brigade, 1st Brigade 5th
          Infantry Division (Mechanized), 199th Light
          Infantry Brigade
  Page 11  Units: 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment, 5th Special
           Forces Group, 18th Military Police Brigade
  Page 12  Units: 44th Medical Brigade, 18th Engineer Brigade,
          20th Engineer Brigade
  Page 13  Departed Units: 1st Infantry Division, 3rd Brigade 82nd
          Airborne Division
  Page 13a  Medal of Honor
  Page 13b  U.S. Awards Granted In Vietnam
  Page 13c  U.S. Awards and Campaigns
  Page 13d  Vietnamese Awards


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