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                       -- Widows, Widowers, & Children --

  "Their pain shimmers across the years,  pure and 
   undimmed. They pass through life with an empty 
   room in  their hearts where a father was supposed 
   to live and laugh and love. All their lives they 
   listen for the footstep that will never fall, and long
   to know what might have been." 

   We Were Soldiers Once and Young 
   description of Gold  Star  Children. 

A hand holding a rose next to the Vietnam War Memorial Wall
Woman touching a name on the Vietnam War Memorial Wall  Sons and Daughters In Touch
 [Mission: To locate, unite and provide support to 
 Sons, Daughters and other family members of
 those who died or remain missing as a result of the 
 Vietnam War; to produce a quarterly newsletter 
 providing important information to all SDIT 
 stakeholders; to promote healing via networking 
 and special projects, to regularly address high 
 schools and college classes in hopes of providing
 education on the historical and emotional legacy
 of war.]
  Widows of War Living Memorial 
 [What starts as personal loss for a single widow of
 war is transformed into a story that can be read by
 millions of people. As visitors wander through the
 site, read the stories, and see family pictures and 
 keepsakes, they will understand war on a personal
 level. As widows from around the world share their
 stories, they will feel a growing sense of community. 
 Their participation in the Living Memorial creates a
 place of reconciliation and peace, making this a
 pivotal moment in history, making us all think
 differently about war.]

  Regret to Inform 
 [A PBS page. Sonneborn, a photographer and visual artist, set 
  out on a search for the truth about war and its legacy. The result
  is a moving examination of the impact of war over time, eloquently
 chronicled in her debut documentary, "REGRET TO INFORM".]

  Regret to Inform
  [Official page. Contains interviews with American and 
  Vietnamese widows from both sides of the conflict who speak 
  openly about the men they loved and how war changed their
   lives forever.]

The Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors, Inc. is a national
  non-profit organization made up of, and providing services to, all
  those who have lost a loved one while serving in the Armed Forces.
  The heart of TAPS is our national military survivor peer support
  network. We also offer grief counseling referral, case worker
  assistance and crisis information, all available to help families and 
  military personnel cope and recover.]

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