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This homepage is designed to assist my students in their efforts to become great argumentative writers and speakers. It contains the material for various English courses. It also has material to teach students the potentialities of the Internet, and material, below, about Viet Nam and my classes on the Viet Nam Conflict. Thank you, Mike Hoffhines, MCC, for teaching me how to do this page, and Anthony Campbell and Javier Rueda and April Qian at De Anza for great technical and other support. Thank you Pamela Andreatta at De Anza for graphic design support and the home page artwork.

Unit 3 The Body Paragraph
Unit 4 The Argumentative Theme
Unit 5 Logic
Unit 6 Documentation
Unit 7 Student Success
Unit 8 Multiculturalism
Unit 9 Peer Editing
Unit 10 Literature

My Educational Philosophy is that students need to proactively get their education for themselves. My teaching style involves lots of Collaborative Learning, a methodology that will require you to take responsibility for your education. Group Work plus good communications skills plus research and risk taking, practiced within a developing learning community will allow you to obtain the education you need. You will get that education, and live, in a highly multicultural world, a world which has been shrunk by technology, and by politics. It is imperative that you understand other cultures, as well as your own.
At the same time you need to be technology-literate in order to prevail (as opposed to merely enduring to use William Faulkner's words) in the current millenium. In addition, I believe that you should strive for excellence in your education, and you must be a bit selfish to accomplish that--you need to GET YOURS. You have already selected an outstanding Community College, with lots of great teaching, to get the first two years of your (relatively low cost) education.
Your challenge in your life-long learning is to now figure out how to go to only two years of a great four-year school, then get your Masters Degree, etc. You need to figure out what your aptitudes and interests are, how to be admitted to a great school that will foster those, and how to fund that education. You cannot afford not to go to a great school. If you want to know which great school is best you for, and visit that school online, start your search at Princeton Review. If you need or want a scholarship, go now, immediately to FASTWEB.Com, and start your individual scholarship search. Do not say, next life I will go to Harvard--Do it this trip; do it now!!!!

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