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John Thomsen - Creative Arts

Music 10A
Music Fundamentals

Please note that I will not be teaching this class during the winter quarter.

MUSID010A01, 3 Units


A-29, MWF 11:30-12:20

John David Thomsen

Email Address:

Course Description: 

Required Text: 
Please note that you must have the book by the 2nd class meeting. 
Required Materials:  Music manuscript paper.  This will be necessary for all weekly quizzes, homework and the final exam.  Please note that you must have the book by the 2nd class meeting. 

Grading:  You grade will be based upon your performance in the class. 
Weekly Quizzes-50%
Final Exam-25%

97%-100% = A+     93%-96% = A   90%-92% = A-
87%-89%   = B+     83%-86% = B   80%-82% = B-
77%-79%   = C+     70%-76% = C
67%-69%   = D+     63%-66% = D  60%-62% = D- 
59% or lower = F

Dropping: It is the student's responsibility to drop the course if dropping is necessary. Please refer to the class schedule for the deadlines. If any student forgets to drop the course before the deadline, the instructor will not sign a late drop form. The only exceptions to this are hospitalization (This requires a note from a doctor), death or incarceration all of which will need proof by documentation. 

Receiving an incomplete:  Students may receive an incomplete for the following reasons: hospitalization, death in the family or incarceration all of which will need proof by documentation. (If you miss the final exam for any reason, you will need to contact the instructor.) An incomplete does not take the place of missing assignments or a below average grade. The specific time allowed for students to complete the missing work will be discussed between the instructor and student. Please do not assume that you have a full year to complete missing work. 

 Don't do it! Cheating will result in an automatic F in the class. Submitting work that is not your own will result in an F on that particular assignment.

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Creative Arts

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