Auto 67A

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

 67A Packet Cover

Course description: Introduction to automotive hybrid propulsion systems. Major designs of Hybrid Electric Vehicles. Hybrid Battery systems. Battery thermal management systems. Integration of high voltage power supplies and energy storage systems. Operating fundamentals of DC to DC converters. Relationship of internal combustion engines and motor generators. Function and design of regenerative braking systems. Operation of hybrid transmission systems and power splitting devices. Application of the high expansion ratio cycle. Understanding safety aspects of hybrid electric vehicle servicing and maintenance. Utilization of special diagnostic equipment for hybrid electrical systems and related subsystems.

Course packet PDF available free through campus portal. Class offered Monday and Wednesday evenings, 6PM to 10:15PM. First six weeks of winter quarter.

Course focus on Toyota Prius Gen 1-3, Honda Insight and Civic Hybrid, Ford Escape and C-Max.

Includes hands on Prius transmission tear down and reassembly.

Use of high tech diagnostic equipment both OE and aftermarket.

All Course materials provided free.

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