Auto 67B

Plug In Electric Vehicles

67B Packet Cover

 Course packet PDF available free through campus portal

Course Description: Understanding the functions of plug in electric vehicles and hybrid extended range electric vehicles. Operating characteristics of high voltage on board charging systems. charging stations, photo voltaic systems, and electrical grid charging. Operation of on board smart charging systems. Economics of electric transportation, utility company systems, and existing options such as off peak charging. Understanding the use of electric power as applicable to extended range electric vehicle transportation. Utilization of applicable diagnostic and service equipment. Electric vehicle theory of operation. Advantages of an electric drive train. Electric vehicle history and current status of plug in electric vehicle technologies. Career possibilities in the electric transportation industry. Safety procedures and maintenance of plug in electric vehicles. Course includes hands on experience with factory special tools.

Class offered Monday and Wednesday Evenings, 6PM to 10:15PM Last six weeks of Winter Quarter

Learn operational details of the Chevy Volt including all factory special tools, Volt 4ET50 transmission tear down and reassembly hands on training.

In depth study of the Nissan Leaf and subsystems, we have a fleet of four with the factory Nissan Consult scan tool and training materials.

All course materials provided free.

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