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Welcome to Quarter 6!  The following forms are important to view and print before preceptorship orientation, and will be useful to place in your Preceptorship Packet.

Information for Preceptorship Orientation & First Class Meeting - Read and print this document first, as it will help get you organized for the beginning of the quarter.  Caution: you may need a strong cup of coffee.

Forms you will need (described in the Info page above):

IV Therapy Guidelines  (Updated 8/17)

Commonly Used Medications

Preceptorship Agreement Sheet - Print and bring to orientation

Miscellaneous Clinical Information

Dress Code for Preceptorship

Nursing Student Skills Inventory List

Nursing Student Skills Inventory List_fillable - if you prefer to complete on the computer

Preceptorship Scavenger Hunt

Introduction to the Preceptorship

Beginning your Preceptorship - how to put together your preceptorship packet

Weekly Clinical Guidelines

Sample Goals for your preceptorship packet (samples + other student-submitted goals):

Sample Student Goals - to use/modify (you don't need to reinvent the wheel!)

Readiness for Enhanced Organization

Readiness for Enhanced Independence

Readiness for Enhanced Communication

Preceptor Documentation Page - print and give to preceptor; collect with his/her comments prior to submitting CET to instructor

Clinical Evaluation Tool (CET)- to download and complete electronically

Other potentially useful handouts:

ECH Information:

FORMS TO PRINT, SIGN, AND BRING TO OUR FIRST MEETING: (pdfs below) If you are completing your preceptorship at El Camino Hospital or El Camino Hospital Los Gatos, you will need to sign new confidentiality and student orientation forms. and turn in to the instructor at our very first meeting.  Please print and turn in all pages (not just the signature page) of each of the attached documents: Confidentiality Form, Life Safety Review, and Pyxis
ATTACHED FORMS TO PRINT AND INCLUDE IN YOUR PRECEPTOR PACKET: Safety goals, Fitness for Duty, Dress Code (note section on covering tattoos - you are held responsible to comply with the entire policy at minimum (individual units and the De Anza dress code may be more strict in certain ares - the most strict rule will apply), regardless if previous quarters enforced it or not) 
of note: you are allowed to administer blood at ECH under direct supervision of preceptor.  You are not allowed to print out or photocopy any patient information for NCP or any other purposes.

Additional Kaiser Rules

Tips for End-of-Shift Reporting

Ted's Ten Commandments

Terminal Objectives for the RN Program

Evaluation of Preceptorship - complete at end of course

Evaluation of Clinical Agency - complete at end of course

Final Program Evaluation - complete at end of course

Reference Letter Requests - FYI

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Last Updated: 8/24/17