NURS 84C (Critical Thinking in Nursing)

NURS 84C (Critical Thinking in Nursing)

Critical Thinking in Nursing is designed to assist the nurse in developing critical thinking skills to facilitate decision making and effective clinical judgment.  The nursing process will be utilized as a mechanism in developing coherent and logical thinking through the use of scenarios, debates, group and written assignments.


Current Announcements:During quarter 4 you will be submitting your Preceptorship Request.  Please read the following file for information Information About Preceptorship then complete and email the following form: Preceptorship Request Form.  This is a word document; please copy and paste this form into the body of an email and send to by the date assigned.  Thanks!

Assignment for Week 4:

Listen to the episode (click on play episode).

Try to place yourself in each person's shoes. What issues does it raise? What do you think about this story?


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