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Foster Youth Support Services

What is the Foster Youth Success Initiative?

The Foster Youth Success Initiative (FYSI) was created to help current and/or former youth coming from foster care to succeed at De Anza College.

Who is eligible for Foster Youth Support Services?

You are most likely eligible for this program if one or more of the following applies to you:

  • You are currently in foster care.
  • You lived in a foster home or group home.
  • A judge/court had you live with a friend, relative, or someone who was not your biological parent(s).
  • You emancipated/"aged out" of the system.
  • You currently live or have lived in a Transitional Living Program.

Who can help you to make your transition to De Anza College easier?

We Can! –

  • Help with college information
  • Have Financial Aid knowledge
  • Are familiar with your situation
  • Will be sensitive to your needs
  • Can help you succeed in college

Jacqueline DiBernardo Foster Youth Liaison, Financial Aid (408) 864- 8226

Barry Johnson, Foster Youth Ally, Admissions and Records (408) 864- 8722

Adrienne Pierre, Foster Youth Ally, Counseling (408) 864- 8784

George Robles, Foster Youth Ally, EOPS (408) 864- 8952

What resources at De Anza College are available to you?

Counseling and Advising Center
Academic advising, career planning, personal counseling

Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS)
Support services to assist low income and academically disadvantaged California residents

Learning in Communities (LinC)
An interdisciplinary learning communities program comprising linked courses and a cohort of students exploring topics and themes from multiple perspectives

Math Performance Success (MPS)

A year-long cohort program to help students succeed in math, from pre-algebra to college-level math

Student Success Center
The Student Success Center offers drop-in, group and individual tutoring to help guide student success at De Anza and beyond in two locations as listed below.

Student Success and Retention Services (SSRS)
Academic enrichment and support services for students with historically low retention and transfer rates, including first-generation college students. Each program provides a community of peer mentors, tutors, faculty, counselors and program staff to assist students in defining their educational goal and developing a plan of action to achieve them.

What resources outside De Anza College are available to you?

  • Chaffee Grant: If you are/were in foster care or another court ordered out of home placement between your 16th and 18th birthday, you may be eligible for up to $5,000 of additional grant assistance.
  • Independent Living Program: The Hub is a new youth-led and organized community center, dedicated to supporting current and former foster youth, ages 15-24, in Santa Clara County

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Last Updated: 10/10/17