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The key to keeping your Financial Aid is continuing to make satisfactory progress by being in Good Standing.  Good Standing is measured in four ways; Units Earned Each Quarter, GPA, Time Frame, and Rate of Progress.

  You must qualify in each of the four ways to be in Good Standing.

Satisfactory academic progress is equally as important as economic qualification. Assessment is made every quarter, even during quarters when you are not receiving federal aid. 

  1.Units Earned Each Quarter




9 – 11.5

6 – 8.5





Full-time students (attempting 12 or more units) must earn at least 10 units each quarter.


Three-quarter-time students (attempting 9-11.5 units) must earn at least 7.5 units each quarter.


Half-time students (attempting 6-8.5 units) must earn at least 6 units each quarter.




2.0 both Quarter and Cumulative

Students must earn a 2.0 grade point average for each quarter and cumulative. Students must also have a 2.0 cumulative by the end of the second year (90.0 units).


A 0.0 GPA is not equal to 2.0 GPA. Taking all P/NP classes may adversely affect Good Standing.


 3.Time Frame




Certificate A

Certificate B


90 Units

44 Units

26 Units


120 Units

66 Units

40 Units

The maximum number of attempted units may not exceed 150% of the normal length of the program (AA/AS degree, Transfer, Vocational Certificate). Attempted units include all units attempted at any college/university in this country or another country during the student’s lifetime.


 4.Rate Of Progress


Units Attempted




2nd Year

at or above 50%

of Goal*

at or above 50%

 of Goal*



Students must show that they are keeping a Rate of Progress with the requirements of their academic goal within the maximum time frame. First-year students are deemed to be meeting Rate of Progress if they maintain good standing or warning status. Second-year students are deemed to be meeting Rate of Progress if they show that at least 50% of their degree requirements are met (if they have 50-74 units attempted) OR at least 75% of their degree requirements are met (if they have 75-99 units attempted) OR have met with a counselor and are working on a "locked" educational plan.



Or have a locked Educational Plan. An Educational Plan can be created with DegreeWorks.  DegreeWorks is located in the MyPortal’s Students Tab in the lower left-hand corner.  User instructions are available in the Students tab and under Help in DegreeWorks.


Beginning with the Summer Term 2010, satisfactory progress will be determined districtwide, including all work attempted and completed at both De Anza and Foothill Colleges.

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