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Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) Program

Hi Pippa,
I wonder if any of the managers  are interested in MAA project.  My old school district had 150 participants and received $670.000 last year after the administrative fee. It seems that one of the factors to determine reimbursement rate is participant's salary. If Managers' are interested, Daniel Dishno and/or I can explain how it works.  Participating week for this quarter is the first week of March.  If 1-5-6 staff participate in MAA from  each department , the department should receive 15,000 or so .  It can be   depending on the number of participants and participating hours, etc.    Bret Watson said the district did this a while ago. I am meeting with the agent this Thursday.

Could it be a short topic for next ERCO PBT meeting?

Naoko Harada

Director, Child Development Center

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Last Updated: 2/11/09