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Meeting Notes - December 10, 2008

ADM 106

1:30-2:30 p.m.


1) Approval of Notes from November 12, 2008

The notes were approved. Hawk then advised the group that at the Campus Budget meeting on December 9, 2008 the team had recommended sweeping the 20% B Budget augmentation as part of the strategy to help close the budget deficit for FY 09-10. At this time the carry forward is still available but it should be kept for back-filling budgets as necessary.

Hawk reported that TRG had paid this year's Omni license fee from their fund 15 account, but strongly recommended that in following years the fee be paid from instructional equipment dollars as the service is campus wide and has a strong instructional component.

2) Program Reviews

Hawk reminded the team that program reviews are usually a planning and budgeting tool for the future but are also likely to be used as a tool to decide upon budget reductions. She therefore recommended that the reviews contain comprehensive details and supporting quantitative and qualitative data.

The following program reviews were discussed at this meeting: Child Development Center; Technology Resources Group; Bookstore (self support); Facilities Rental (self support); Printing Services (self support); Dining Services (self support); Grounds, Custodial, Cashiering; OTI accountant; Budget Analyst; Personnel; Payroll; Budget and Personnel; and Student Accounts.

The balance of the program reviews would be discussed at the next meeting in January.



Present: Chavis, Hawk, Harada, Jenkins, Kahn, Michaelis, Montgomery

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