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Meeting Notes - November 12, 2008

Jones-Dulin opened the meeting with apologies from Hawk, Michaelis & Gerard who were attending an EIS planning meeting. She also advised the team that Michelle Sampson (FF&E Coordinator)  had resigned due to relocating out of the area. The team expressed their thanks to Sampson for her good work and their disappointment at her resignation. They wished her well in her future.

1) The notes were approved.

2) The team members shared their requests with the group, explaining the reasons for the funding and the impacts of not funding. The requests are listed in the prioritized order on the Prioritization Spreadsheet and as per below:

DRAFT (Requests not approved)                           

November 12, 2008    ERCO PBT Requests                            
Funding from unspent money from within the VP 'B' budget area augmentation ($86K)  & carryforward ($89K)  =   $175,000.00.                            
Listed in prioritized order

Custodial  - Total  $44,295
Additional 'B' Budget to cover increases to population     $35,645                        
Recycle bins & flyers - one-time cost for new recycle program     $7,221                        
Additional pest control costs      $1,429                        

Grounds - Total  $7,950
Garbage can liners - increase in population     $2,500    
Personal Protective Equip. (earplugs, eye wear, gloves)     $600    
Tree removal (contracted service)     $3,420    
Additional pest control costs      $1,430          

3    Technology Resources Group - Campus wide Omni license fee  2008-09  =   $31,250

4   Technology Resources Group - Campus wide Cable TV  =   $55,000

5    Associate Vice President College Operations - Total  $5,043
Seven pay phones cost p.y.     $3,000    
Hope shredding svcs     $800    
Emergency Prep (whistles & traffic control flashlights)     $645    
Umbrellas in L Quad     $598    

Technology Resources Group
Additional B Budget to cover student workers (increase of duties of dept)     $32,000    

Total of requests =  $175,538           

NB: Technology Resources Group total is $118k not $108 as stated in meeting resulting in a total of $175k not $165k

(Inserted into notes on 11/18/08  - After the state news on mid year cuts, this funding source may not still be available and is dependent on budget decisions at a district and college level.)

3) The team deferred the Measure C request prioritization until all the members had compiled their lists and the exact dollar amount available was clarified. Kahn also queried if their department's  previous requests had all been fulfilled and whether the department had any rollover money available. The requested information would be distributed once Sampson's temporary replacement had reviewed the files.



Present: Cooke, DaSilva, Erturkoglu (DASB), Harada, Jenkins, Jones-Dulin, Kahn, Kuhn, Montgomery. Notes: Gibson.



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