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Meeting Notes - January 20, 2017


Cheu welcomed Martin Varela to the team. Varela is the Interim, Budget & Personnel Director backfilling for Bret Watson while Bret is serving as the Acting Associate Vice President, Finance & Administrative Services and Foothill College.

Approve Notes from December 9, 2017 Meeting

The notes were approved.


B Budget Update

Cheu presented a PowerPoint reflecting a summary of the FY15/16 close and the impact the standardization plan had on the bottom line. She also presented the plan for the FY16/17 budget, which included additional dollar allocations for various line items and the addition of one new custodial position. Cheu summarized the senior staff's rationale for approving the additional requests.

The team approved forwarding the presentation to College Council on February 9, 2017 for review and approval.


Accreditation Standard IIIA/B First Draft Review

Cheu presented the finalized first draft for a brief review. This section would be incorporated into the full accreditation document. Once all the sections are complete, the draft full report will be taken back through the participatory governance groups for review and feedback.

Cheu thanked the group for their diligent work and proudly announced that our sections were the first completed.

AUO and Program Review Update. Due in February 2017

  • College Operations
  • Facilities Rental

Cheu reminded the team that program reviews are due every year. A result of the accreditation self study was that it is important to incorporate how allocated resources had benefited the department and if these additional resources had improved outcomes in the expected manner. This is often referred to as 'closing the loop'. Cheu asked the members to ensure that they addressed this in the upcoming year's program reviews. This applies to all three Vice Presidential divisions (Finance, Instruction & Student Services) and every funding source whether or not it is general funds, bond funds, grant funds or categorical funds.

Cheu would be meeting with the AUO coordinator to work on a consistent template for program reviews and AUOs. This information needs to be input into the data capturing system "TracDat" and therefore needs to be in an appropriate format.

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