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Meeting Notes - March 3, 2017


The team welcomed Cynthia Smith. She is replacing Griselda Sigala-Aguilar.

Approve notes from January 20, 2017 

The notes were approved.


Review Accreditation Standard IIIA/B HR Edits

Cheu summarized the Accreditation self-study process for Smith and asked her to review the document and give feedback. The other team members reviewed the Accreditation edits and approved the amended document.

The approved document will be submitted to Mallory Newell for campus review. Any additional feedback would be incorporated by Marketing as appropriate.


Review Purpose & Importance of Tracdat (Data Gathering Software)

Cheu explained that the other divisions are already using TracDat to enter and track their program reviews and that our division would also be using this tool. Everyone would have a login to the system so they can upload their own information.


Review/Approve FCO PBT Program Review Template

The team reviewed and approved the program review template. It will now be forwarded to the AUO/SLO coordinators to upload into TracDat.

This will be the standard data gathering process for the program reviews.  Program reviews need to be done every year but amendments can be made in TracDat to previous data. The AUOs are a part of the program reviews but only need to be completed once in an Accreditation cycle.

Requests for additional items/budget/etc. must be entered into program reviews. Cheu stated that she would not support requests for additional items unless they are listed in program reviews. Emergency items must be entered into program reviews on TracDat prior to submission for funding.

Gibson volunteered to populate as much data as possible into TracDat from each department's prior program reviews to get a head-start on the data entry. Once this is complete, each department would log on to TracDat to review their own data and update and amend as appropriate.


Update on B Budget Increases & New Custodian Position

Cheu advised the team that the budget plan had been reviewed and approved by College Council. The much needed custodial position was already posted.


Quick News



Present:  Cheu, Gerard, Grey, Harada, Joseph, Smith. Apologies: Fritz, Varela. Notes: Gibson


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