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Meeting Notes - May 20, 2016 


Approve Meeting Notes from April 22, 2016

The notes were approved.


Budget & Personnel Program Review

Watson presented the Budget & Personnel Program Review and explained the data in detail. The Director, budget analyst and payroll areas remain busy and are processing more paperwork/electronic paperwork than past years.  The director duties have expanded with the budgeting and hiring of SSSP and equity employees. Also the introduction of the employment software (Taleo) has greatly impacted the workload of the director. The public works rules for purchasing has also impacted the director. Advances in technology, such as scanners, BDMS, SSB and reports, have improved the workflow and availability of self-service information. The knowledge, experience and efficiency of the budget analyst is key to the area.  The introduction of new rules for additional pay has impacted the payroll area. Fortunately, the campus personnel assistant, although relatively new, is knowledgeable, helpful and efficient. 

Watson reported that the area would benefit from newer computers and a higher discretional budget.


Cashiering Program Review

Watson presented the Cashiering Program Review and explained the data in detail. There are only three highly qualified and knowledgable employees in this office and they rely heavily on student workers. Watson reported that the area would benefit from a higher discretional budget to pay for student workers and an additional  50% permanent FHDA employee.


Accreditation Work & Update

Cheu reminded the team to continue working on the accreditation document.


Technology Committee Update

The technology committee are reviewing and revising the technology plan for accreditation.
The communications department are still working on the redesign of college web site.


Revised District Mission Statement

DRAFT: The mission of the Foothill–De Anza Community College District is student success. Driven by an equity agenda and guided by core values of excellence, inclusion, and sustainability; every member of our district contributes to a dynamic learning environment that fosters student engagement, equal opportunity, and innovation in meeting the various educational and career goals of our diverse students. We are committed to providing an accessible, quality undergraduate education dedicated to developing a broadly educated and socially responsible community that supports an equitable and just future for California/all/society.

With the approval of the baccalaureate degree pilot program at Community Colleges (In January 2015 the 13-member California Community Colleges Board of Governors in consultation with representatives from the California State University (CSU) and University of California (UC) systems approved a new limited baccalaureate degree pilot program) the Chancellor’s Cabinet is driving the revision of the district mission statement. Cruz noted that the document is still being reviewed and is sharing this draft and requesting feedback from the shared governance groups. Give feedback to Mayra Cruz. 



Draft Facilities Master Plan Presentation

Cheu presented the draft facilities master plan (FMP) to the team. This draft reflected the work done so far on the FMP. She gave an overview of the purpose of the FMP, the planning process, the participants and the research that went into the document. She went on to explain the results of the planning sessions and the outcomes and conclusions of the research.

The committee approved the Facilities Master Plan with a recommendation to College Council.


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