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Meeting Notes - May 22, 2015


1) Approve Notes from April 17, 2015

The notes were approved.


2) Educational Master Plan Update

Cruz displayed a status update on the EMP 2015-20.She reminded the team of the planning cycle and that the next accreditation visit is in 2017-18.  She explained that the EMP provided direction for the college over the next 5 years and that it drives the facilities master plan.

The EMP is grounded on the mission statement and the college's work around equity. This update to the EMP reflects a more intentional integration between instruction, student services and finance.

Cruz asked the team to review the full plan at and to send email feedback and recommendations to Marisa Spatafore.

The team approved forwarding it to College Council for further review.

 A direct link to the EMP is at


 3) Quick News



Apologies: Gerard, Harada, Jones Dulin, Swanson

Present: Cheu, Cruz, DaSilva (for Jones Dulin) Joseph, Lofgren (for Gerard). Notes: Gibson

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