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Meeting Notes - May 26, 2017


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The notes were approved.


 Accreditation Self Study Review - draft

Cheu presented the ISER (institutional self evaluation report) PowerPoint accreditation overview and drew special attention to the quality focus essay and action plans. The quality focus essay (pages 436 - 443) speaks to which areas the College will be working on during the next accreditation cycle and the action plans outline how the College intends to achieve the goals in the action plans.

The accreditation report will go to College Council for review and approval on June 1, 2017 and then to the Board of Trustees for review on June 12, 2017.

The site visit is on October 9-12, 2017.

In a discussion regarding the FTES goal of 20,000 the team noted that:

  • FTES (full-time equivalent student) is not headcount
  • in AY 2012/13 FTES was 19,780. In AY 16/17 FTES had declined to 18,114.
  • $5000 per FTES. 1666 x $5,000 = $8,330,00 decline in revenue.
  • Merits of quarter vs. semester system
  • Quarterly report summary shows a good overview of the enrollment/fiscal status of the district.
Program Review Update

The Custodial, Grounds, Budget & Personnel are loaded into TracDat.


Facility Update

Grey advised that the campus center roofs will be complete by July 2017. The flint garage is scheduled to open in time for Fall quarter. The Baseball field project is out to bid with an anticipated construction over summer 2017. The CDC roof work will be done on the weekends in July 2017. The CDC bridge and campus lighting phase III projects are also on the schedule.

The College Operations website has been updated. It has links to report broken furniture and to request new furniture and equipment. The FF&E page has also been updated.


Present: Cheu, Fritz, Gerard, Grey, Harada, Varela. Apologies: Joseph. Notes Gibson.


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