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Meeting Notes - June 12, 2015


1) Approve Notes from May 22, 2015

The notes were approved


2) May Revise

League's May Revise Chart

May Revise - VP Finance Presentation

League's May Revise Chart & Presentation. Cheu gave an update on the May Revise. She highlighted the main points:

  • One of best budgets community colleges have seen in many years
  • For the most part the same as or better than January 2015 draft budget
  • Includes $619 million in new Proposition 98 allocations to community colleges
  • LAO recommendations and legislative budget process will result in continuing changes
  • Community Colleges have not recovered “lost” purchasing power from budget downturn
  • One-time versus ongoing funds

Items of note were:

  • Ongoing versus one-time funds
  • Operating Expense augmentation earmarked for STRS/PERS, other operating increases
  • Chancellor’s Office has warned that this level of budget is not sustainable
  • Governor does not support state bond measure for capital outlay – bond measures are winding down and need infrastructure support
  • 50% effect on spending options
  • Proposition 30 expires in 2016 and 2018

Harada expressed an interest in working with the Equity Team to discuss opportunities to  incorporate the Child Development Center into the College's student equity plans. Harada will contact Rowena Tomaneng in this regard.


3) Quick News

 Cheu asked the team to consider the top three positions for the area if restoration funding became available. The team agreed that grounds, custodians & cashiering are in most need of additional staff.

Happy summer! This is the last meeting of the academic year. The planning & budget team meetings will reconvene in Fall quarter.


Present: Cheu, Gerard, Harada, Watson. Notes: Gibson

Apologies: Jones-Dulin, Joseph & Swenson

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