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Meeting Notes - June 17, 2016



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Shared Governance Reflection Questions

The team reviewed the Shared Governance Reflection Questions and answered them as follows:

Question 1: Better understand how to infuse equity into the day-to-day operations of the area. Continue information sharing between departments within the area. Increase participation of committee members in planning and budget activities.

Question 2: Review of program plans and understanding the needs and roles of different areas in Finance & College Services. Evaluating the support of student success in the various operational areas. Better communicate information in a transparent and clear manner.


Program Review Presentations

Donna Jones-Dulin presented the Bookstore program review on behalf of Kelly Swanson who was working the auditors and year-end close.  The Bookstore had a challenging year and has been working very hard to address the problems and find solutions.  The Bookstore’s commitment to equity and diversity is reflected in the support they give to students and college programs (FAID, OTI, EOPS) and the diversity in staff.  The Bookstore adds to the sense of community on the campus and adds value to students in supporting their educational goals. The Bookstore continues to investigate electronic book options.


Postal Services

Duc Nguyen presented the program review for the postal services area.  One very experienced employee runs the mailroom and depends heavily on student workers to assist with daily operations and for vacation coverage. New mail metering machine has improved efficacy. The mailroom processes approx. 600,000 pieces of mail annually.  Of late, there has been a large increase in personal packages being delivered to the mailroom, which is being addressed. Planning agenda includes budget for student workers, computer, scanner, and licenses & tracking software.


Student Accounts

Bret Watson presented the program review for the Student Accounts area. There are two very experienced staff members running this department. This department uses Blackbaud accounting system not Banner. There are very good internal controls. This year the department further improved by introducing positive pay. Lower enrollment and reduced income from the flea market has impacted the DASB budget but the requests for money from DASB is increasing. The department adds to the sense of community on the campus and adds value to students in supporting their campus life experience. The department would benefit from a space planning review.


Printing Services

Jose Menendez presented the program review for the Printing Services area. Four highly knowledgeable staff run the department. The elimination of the materials fees in 2012 had a large impact on revenues and resulted in the department running at a loss. The department has worked very hard to mitigate this loss of revenue and improvements to the bottom line are being seen. Faculty printing has decreased but student printing has increased and the department will continue to target students to ensure they receive excellent customer service. With the retirement of the director in September 2016 there is an opportunity to look at reorganization of the department. The department adds to the sense of community on the campus and adds value to students by supporting their educational goals.


Quick News

Cheu asked the team to continue working on accreditation.

Cheu thanked the team for their work thoughout the year. One more PBT meeting would be scheduled to hear the two remaining program review presentations i.e.  College Operations &
Facilities Rental

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