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Meeting Notes - October 21, 2016



Welcome & Introductions Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles

Cheu welcomed the members to the first meeting of the academic year. The team introduced themselves. 

The group reviewed the Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles and updated the reference from ‘fund 15’ to ‘fund 115’.


2016-17 Adopted Budget
2016-17 Board Of Trustees Adopted Budget Presentation

 Cheu informed the team that the 2016-17 Adopted Budget is posted to the web site.  As it is 124 pages she invited the team to review it at their leisure.

The team reviewed the 2016-17 Board Of Trustees Adopted Budget Presentation which provided a concise overview of the main points of the 2016-17 adopted budget.

Cheu made the following points during her presentation.

The ongoing decline in enrollment that the majority of districts, including FHDA, are experiencing has impacted the budget. 100 FTES equals approx. $500,000 in revenue. Fall quarter enrollment is currently tracking at a 5 – 6% decrease from the prior year. Current goals are to stabilize enrollment. The instructional division in coordination with the institutional research department has been performing considerable data analysis to assist in making strategic enrollment decisions. FTES and productivity are equally important to the fiscal well-being of the district. Ongoing costs are impacted by items such as COLA; PERS/STRS; enrollment; minimum wage increases etc. Largest difference to the tentative and adopted budget is the slight increase (138) in FTES. Property tax is based on statewide revenues not local property tax revenues.


Capital Fund Project 400 Fund

Cheu gave an overview of the Capital Outlay Project Fund and presented a document showing previous expenses and current project expenses.



Cheu reminded the team that last year (year 5) was the year of reflection in accordance with the 2011-16 accreditation six year plan.  This this year (year 6) is the self-study year when all the work over the prior years is documented in the self study report in preparation of the 2017-18 site visit. The draft of the self-study report must be completed by December 2016 in preparation of editing and sharing the draft report with the governance groups in January 2017.

Cheu presented the matrix for the FCO PBT has been working.

The next meeting on November 18, 2016 would be a working meeting for writing Standards IIIA, IIIC and would be extended from 9am to noon.

Assignment of sections in preparation for working meeting



Fritz worked on the Online Education Initiative and volunteered to review the sections on distance learning. Joseph and Grey would work on the facilities sections. Watson and Gerard would work on the budget and personnel sections. Sigala-Aguilar would assist in the HR questions.


Quick News

Flint garage retrofit is on schedule.


DASB: Kurumi Sasaki & Klara Mairentia
Notes: Gibson


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