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Meeting Notes - November 14, 2014


1) Welcome & Introductions

Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles

Cheu and Joseph welcomed the members to the first meeting of the academic year and reviewed the charge, goals, ground rules and principles of the governance group.


2) Budget Overview

Cheu presented an overview of the 2014-15 budget. The following points came up during the discussion:- Access is the new name for growth/restoration. Most of our funding is now restricted or subject to matching funds. There is a 1% deficit factor built into the District budget. District wide our enrollment has been declining and we are currently in a stability funding scenario. Approximately 100 FTES is equal to $470,000. The new growth formula will likely negatively impact many districts. It will be based on district boundaries. There will be five assessing factors of which two are growth and Pell awards. As many of our students come from outside our District boundaries we anticipate this will negatively impact us. Cheu will bring more information on the growth formula to the next meeting. The team also discussed various funding sources and what, if any, limitations there were on spending these funds.

Further budget information is posted at these links:

2014-15 Adopted Budget

2014-15 Budget Presentation to Board of Trustees

De Anza Budget 2014-15


3) AUO's - Review of Process/ Update on Status

Cheu reviewed the AUO process and gave a status report on the project. As per the 6-year cycle, this is the year of reflection. She informed the team she had a meeting with the new AUO liaison, Veronica Avila, and together they discussed the need to enter the information into TracDat. Those departments who have not already done surveys need to do so. Avila would assist departments as needed.


4) Student Equity

As members had already seen the presentation Mallory Newell gave a brief overview of this item explaining the purpose and goals. Based on feedback Newell had added a slide named "DA Equity Budget 2014-15". She also added information on shared governance reporting. The report  would be submitted to the State this month. The tri-chairs for this group are Mallory Newell, Veronica Neal & Rowena Tomaneng.


5) Student Success & Support Program (SSSP or 3SP)

As members had already seen the presentation Stacey Cook gave a brief overview of the SSSP program and reviewed the purpose and goals. She noted that funding would now have to be earned rather than allocated. Matching funding are still under discussion. The full amount available to the district is $4.9M with $2.8M available to De Anza. SSSP, Equity and Basic Skills are linked and there is a crosswalk slide in the presentation.

It was noted that Math is challenging to many students and the College is looking into many tools to assist students and teachers. One such tool is an early alert system. The "Starfish" early alert system was determined to be too costly over the long term and "Insight" software was selected instead. Insight integrates with our present District systems and will have the required functionality.


 6) Education Master Plan Review

Cheu announced that a revision to the Master Education plan is due. The Previous plan covered  2005-2015. She invited members to participate in the project.


 7) Up Coming Agenda Items/Other

Cheu requested agenda items for future meetings be sent to her.


Present: Cheu, Gerard, Harada, Jones-Dulin, Joseph, Watson, DASB: Arjun Gadkari. Notes: Gibson




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