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Meeting Notes - November 18, 2016


Approve Notes from October 21, 2016 Meeting

The notes were approved.


Continue Writing Accreditation Standards IIIA & IIIB

The team reviewed the combined document narrative in detail as per the attachment linked in the agenda item title. The team added and clarified many areas during the 3 hour working session. The updated draft of the document is posted here: AccreditationNarrative_Standard_III_A_B_FCOPBT_11_18_16

Cheu and Joseph thanked the team for their input and participation in this collaborative process. They acknowledged the time and effort it takes to work on Accreditation over and above the members' regular duties. Thanks to the strong teamwork of the group Standards IIIA & IIIB are close to being completed for campuswide review.

The final working session before draft submission will be at the last meeting of the year held on December 9, 2016.


Technology Plan Presentation

Spatafore presented the draft technology plan  2017-20 for the group's review and approval to forward through the shared governance process.

The team expressed their appreciation of the detail and visual appeal of the document.


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