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Meeting Notes - January 23, 2015


Cheu introduced Holly Lofgren the new FF&E coordinator.

Approve the Notes from Nov 14, 2014.

The notes were approved


Budget Update

District Budget Committee - Governor's Proposed Budget Presentation FY15/16

Governor Proposed Budget FY15-/16

Chancellor Thor's Budget Message

Cheu shared a presentation on the highlights of the Governor’s proposed budget. She reminded the team that this is a preliminary summary as the State budget is very fluid.

The healthier State budget is not expected to be ongoing due to the phase out of various tax measures (e.g. prop 98, prop 30), SSSP match & spending, equity  funding, 50% compliance for funding with specific purpose and match requirements and an uncertain economy in the upcoming years.

FY14/15 shows revenue up with strong potential for additional Proposition 98 funding to colleges

FY15/16 budget one of the best in years – very stable

FY16/17 is less certain - Proposition 30 phase-out, Economic volatility, Typical post WWII economic era generally shows a five year upswing in the economy before down-turn occurs

Enterprise Funds are not eligible for deferred maintenance or instructional equipment funds.

It is fiscally challenging that many of our costs are not eligible for the “matching funds” under SSSP.

The State is attempting to restore funding for programs to prior recession levels.

Ongoing statewide discussion surrounding funding (based on actuarial studies) and benefits of PERS/STRS/retirees.

Reductions of staff are not anticipated for the upcoming year.

Foothill College is offering a pilot Bachelor degree in Dental Hygiene.


Educational Master Plan Update

The Educational Master Plan will be very focused on equity. The framework is set up and the plan update is coming along well.

Later, the Facilities Master Plan will be updated and will support the Educational Master plan.


Additional Pay

As of January 1, 2015 the additional pay process for part-time faculty has changed in order to meet the time tracking requirements of the Affordable Care Act.

To accommodate this change there are now separate forms for part-time and full-time additional pay.


Now called TOP. Temporary Opportunities Program. Electronic system running thru Taleo. Information on the web site 


 Quick News



Present: Cheu, Jones Dulin, Joseph, Swanson, Villaba (for Harada), Watson. Notes: Gibson.

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