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Meeting Notes - January 29, 2016


Approve Notes from November 13, 2015

The edited notes were approved.


 Accreditation Self-Study Planning


Newell presented on behalf of the College Planning Committee which included 3 separate proposals: 1) From now through the site visit in fall 2017, the College Planning Committee will become the Accreditation Steering Committee responsible for: monitoring progress on the self-study report, drafting the quality focus essay, compiling the self-study reports into one document, soliciting feedback from the campus community, and incorporating the feedback into the final draft.2) Our current shared governance groups will serve as the self-study teams for their respective areas for the duration of the accreditation self-study process. Newell shared the Standards that would be assigned to each governance group 3) A timeline for completion of the self-study report was then shared. Full details are in the presentation at


Newell presented the following training.

Newell asked the team to review the proposed Standards for FCOPBT and Campus Budget to determine relevance.

  • There are no longer “Planning Agendas”. Now there are QFEs “Quality focus essay” instead.
  • The district is a good resource.
  • The same language to address Standards can be used for both Foothill and De Anza.
  • DE is Distance Education.
  • CE is Correspondence Education
  • Lorrie Ranck chairs the Distance Learning Advisory Group.
  • If questions are repetitive rewrite the same answer. Do not leave the answer blank.
  • Napa College has a good example of its accreditation documents online at
  • Equitability for face-to-face students and online learning. Push to be as equivalent as the College can make it.
  • Use exact language from the Standards to answer the questions
  • Ensure links will still work for accreditation URLs in 2017

The group decided to take one month to review the document to identify areas they will work on.


Child Development Center Program Review

Harada presented the CDC program review. She shared how the CDC evolved from a 10-month district only childcare center to a community wide 12 month child care center. She detailed the mission, responsibilities and budget summary. Local parent fees make up 72% of the operational budget.

The program strengths are: the center is financially self supporting; there is a high level of support for student parents; they provide a quality laboratory school for CD Education instructional program students and early childhood education for young children.

The program weaknesses are: reliance on tax bailout funds; staffing costs to maintain high level of service.

Trends: attracts highly qualified teachers and offers quality program. 40% of CDC teachers only work 10 months even although program is open 12 months. Support student parents to succeed in college.

An AUO survey was conducted with 30 student parents. The question was "How has your child’s enrollment in this program made it easier for you to......"

Impact if the CDC was discontinued: Students would lose access to campus childcare; lose onsite lab for CDE students; students would lose paid internship opertunities.

CDC has a long wait list for children from the community. Price wise the CDC is very reasonable. In order to remain fiscally sustainable the center can accommodate approximately 35 student children. The center cares for approximately 135 community children.


FY16/17 Budget Update

Cheu shared a brief budget update noting that there are no cuts this year. The State’s revenue outlook continues to improve. The budget process is not finalized and still has to go through the State governance approval process. She highlighted the major points and noted that much of the money is allocated for specific uses and cannot be used for general ongoing funding (e.g. SSSP, Equity, CTE, Workforce, Basic Skills, etc.). She also reminded the members of the current notes of caution including substantial challenges in the coming years as Prop 30 (sales tax provision) sunsets at the end of 2016; the income tax provision expires at the end of 2018; and increases to the STRS and PERS employer contribution rates. Full details are in the presentation


Quick News

Web Site Redesign

Harrell shared that VisionPoint Marketing from North Carolina was selected by both FH & DA as the vendor for the redesign of the public web site. 

This is the research phase to gather information. The next steps are the development, migration and then launch the new public website.

Ensure links will still work for accreditation URLs in 2017.

Please post responses on the web form that is on the home page of the current web site. Also, please complete the survey.


Present: Gerard Harada Harrell Joseph Sigala-Aguilar Watson Kikange Melbinger Konrad (DASB) Notes: Gibson

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