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Meeting Notes - April 21, 2017


Approve Notes from March 3, 2017

The notes were approved.


Tracdat  Update  - Program Review Data Gathering and Storage Software

Cheu advised that each department's program review template has been loaded into TracDat. Gibson gave an overview of logging in and navigating the TracDat system. She displayed the Budget & Personnel program review which she had pre-populated with as much data as was available from the prior year's departmental program review. The departments should go into TracDat and update and amend their own program reviews to ensure they are complete.

Accreditation Quality Focus Essay

The Accreditation Steering Committee is currently supporting and guiding the college through the ACCJC accreditation process. In preparation for our site visit in fall 2017, between winter 2016 and spring 2017, the college will be writing a self-study report for the Commission and site visit team to address all accreditation Standards and federal Educational Requirements (ERs). The Steering Committee will also be responsible for: monitoring progress on the self-study report, drafting the quality focus essay, compiling the self-study reports into one document, soliciting feedback from the campus community, and incorporating the feedback into the final draft.

The quality focus essay identifies areas that need to be worked on. Cheu is the college planning representative. Newell, Spatafore & Cruz were the key writers for this document. Please email feedback to Cheu or Joseph.


Accreditation Timeline for Review of  Self Study Draft

Newell will have the self-study report available for review early May. It will be posted to the FPBT website immediately and feedback will be gathered at the May 26, 2017 FPBT meeting.
The Self Study will go to the Board on June 12, 2017.

Finance will compile the supplemental documentation required by accreditation.

Accreditation team will be on campus October 9th - 12th, 2017.


Quick News

Other colleges in the area are offering free education. They are all on basic aid funding.

Sunnyvale campus enrollment is strong. Strong demand from companies for staff training.

Soccer field will be closed from next week onward due to low demand. The baseball lot will remain open but be self-parking.

Flint parking is still scheduled to open in time for fall quarter 2017.

A survey sent to students who did not end up attending the college reflected that class availability and counseling were the main reasons - not the lack of parking.

Thanks to the team for the hard work that went into writing the document.


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