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Meeting Notes - April 22, 2016


1) Approve Meeting Notes - March 11, 2016

The notes were approved.


2) Office 365 Training

Heidi King the Technology Training Specialist trained the team on Office 365. During the training she highlighted the following points:

  • Security advisory: log out and quit AND close the browser
  • Can’t print directly from OneDrive
  • Can’t drag folders into OneDrive individual files up to 100 at a time
  • Excel: only use online version as no campus computers have excel 2016 and it will not work as a collaboration tool if you download the file it will revert to old Excel version and it will be a new file when you upload into Office 365
  • Word: Break up large documents
  • text based only
  • no charts available
  • cant edit charts online
  • use styles – accessibility  & best practice
  • … three dots = lots of options including version control
  • Can’t do groups for email addresses


3) Accreditation Work & Update - FCOPBT received a Certificate of Thanks for "Phenomenal Participation"

Cheu shared a Certificate of Thanks for "Phenomenal Participation" which was presented to the F PBT at College Council. It was in recognition of the amount of work the team has done on Accreditation so far.

In response to a question for clarification on who could participate and work on the document, Cheu stated that now the members had been training that she would be sharing the FPBT accreditation document with the team so that every one can work on it. Up until members where trained the document was only being worked on by the VP Finance area. Participation from every person and department on campus was more than welcome.


4) AUO Status Update VP Finance & College Operations AUO

 VP Finance & College Operations presented  their AUO from TracDat. Mary Pape is the contact for TracDat assistance and training.


5) Dining Services Program Review

Gannon presented the Dining Services program review. This year is the first year that Dining Services will be fully staffed. Very inclusive menu options with varied food styles from around the world to follow through on the equality and diversity mission of the campus.
Dining Services had been featured in many national magazine write ups and articles.
All vendors and dining services are down about 4% which is in line with the decline in enrollment.
Gannon has been aggressively negotiating food costs with suppliers while maintaining food quality.


6) Quick News


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