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Meeting Notes - March 8, 2013


1) Approve Notes from February 8, 2013

The notes were approved.


2) Program Reviews/ AUO's

Newell presented a clear and concise overview of the AUO process and gave examples of how to make goals into outcomes and how to write an outcome statement.


3) Program Review Updates for Self Funded Departments

Watson reminded the team that the self funded departments will need to complete and present their program reviews with  couple of month.


4) Board Budget Update from February 4, 2013

Budget Update:

Second quarter report: Vice Chancellor of Business Services Kevin McElroy reported that the district is projecting that enrollment could be down 700 full-time-student equivalents (FTES) for the 2012-13 fiscal year. Efforts are being made to recoup enrollment in spring and summer, but if the projected decline holds, it would result in a reduction in the district’s base funding estimated at $3.2 million for 2013-14. He said there is good news in that the state may not impose a deficit factor that the district had budgeted in the current year, which would bring about $2 million to the district’s bottom line, and an increase in non-resident enrollment could result in up to $1 million in new revenue. Expenses are holding steady for the year, he said, but could increase by as much as $2 million next year unless further adjustments to spending are made. Based on current assumptions, the district is projecting a budget deficit for 2013-14 of $3 million to $5 million.


5) Quick News


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