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Meeting Notes - March 12, 2010

ADM 103

1:30-2:30 p.m.


1)    Approval of Notes October 23, 2009

The notes were approved.


2)    Accreditation

Jeanpierre and Jenkins gave an accreditation update. All standards teams have been formed, tri-chairs chosen and materials from March 5 ACCJC accreditation chairs training distributed to the teams.

Six faculty members will attend the Accreditation Institute, March 18-20, in Newport Beach.


3)    Budget

Jeanpierre shared two handouts, “Principles and Strategies for Budget Reductions” and “VP1 Summary Reductions for 2009-2010.” She stated that the Board of Trustees has agreed to use fund balance to differ the layoffs of 8-12 additional employees. She also said the consensus among the other PBTs and College Council was that the layoff list goes forward as is to the Board on April 5, 2010, with the caveat that we need more time to consider which positions eliminated would be deferred beyond June 30, 2010.


There were several ways suggested to make decisions on the deferred layoffs:

A.  PBTs to set criteria; decide on temporarily “saved” positions (first choice)

B.  PBTs to set criteria; senior staff to decide on temporarily “saved” positions (second choice)

C.  Senior staff to set criteria AND decide on temporarily “saved” positions. (This last option only if there is not enough time for choice A.)


Bradley Creamer, ACE representative, shared the union suggestions regarding the layoffs:

  •  Align or prioritize the process with accreditation needs
  •  Consider positions that generate WSCH and preserve vital services
  •  Consider positions affected by reorganization where staff are needed
  •  Consider impact on not just students, but staff
  •  Consider employees close to retirement


4)   Forward planning

Group consensus is Fridays are good for FERPBT meetings.


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