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Meeting Notes - March 14, 2014


1) Approve Notes From November 8, 2014

The notes were approved.


2)  Budget Update

Update on the status of the District and De Anza Budget.

Reminder that the numbers in the worksheets are based on the proposed budget released by the Governor in January. The numbers will remain estimates until the final budget is released in summer.

Jeanpierre presented a document named Budget Status Review (based on FHDA 2nd quarter report at 12/31/2013) Jeanpierre and Watson reviewed the document line-by-line and gave detailed explanations.

Discussion on where the funding would come from to cover reclassification of classified staff. Currently the additional funding required to cover the salary increase comes from department B budgets.


3) Materials Fees

Background: Based on an audit finding from last year, the district policy is to eliminate all materials fees and to reinstate on a case-by-case basis. By law, all materials fees must be fully tracked and balances must be zeroed out at the end of the quarter. The district was not able to fully adhere to this law. That is the reason materials fees cannot continue being collected in the manner they used to be.

Colleges are looking at other solutions including more online posting, moving around available funding and print kiosks. In the meantime, Jeanpierre explained, that backfill funding is being provided as per the handout named De Anza College Instructional Material Backfill Worksheet dated August 2013.

Most of the money is spent on printing. Copyrights and “fair use” regulations are under review. The bookstore and the district is researching the intricacies of these two issues.

The Academic Senate completed an instructor survey on materials fees. The results will be presented at the Academic Senate meeting.

The materials fee issue impacts many areas including enrollment, equal opportunity and access. The change over to E-Print has also been very challenging.

Jeanpierre solicited Ideas on how to mitigate the problems with materials fees and will be presenting this overview of the materials fees budget to Campus Budget, IPBT and Academic Senate.


4) Program Reviews/AUOs

Jeanpierre reminded the mangers that programs reviews are due this year.

The team drafted the following AUO survey questions:

Budget Analyst:

Respondent Group: Budgeters (Teri will provide the email list)

Do you agree that your fund balance information is easy to retrieve in Banner?

Response: Strongly agree/agree/disagree/strongly disagree


Respondent Group: All students

How often have you used the new web-based installment payment plan that allows you to spread your payments out over the quarter?

Response: Every quarter/once/never/was not aware of it

If you have used it, how satisfied are you with the new web-based payment plan program?

Response: Very satisfied/satisfied/dissatisfied/very dissatisfied


Respondent Group: All Faculty

Based on your recent experience, how satisfied are you with the processing your faculty contract?

Response: Very satisfied/satisfied/dissatisfied/very dissatisfied


Respondent Group: All part-time faculty processed this academic year and all deans (Cynthia will provide the email list).

Processing of part-time faculty applications are performed in a timely manner.

Response: Strongly agree/agree/disagree/strongly disagree

Student Accounts:

This department design and administer their surveys. Will not be included in this survey.



Letha will contact Naoko Harada regarding the center's AUO survey.


Marketing & TRG:

Letha will contact Marisa regarding these department's AUO survey questions.


5) Quick News

Basic Aid vs. Apportionment: Colleges are allocated $4500 per FTES. In Basic Aid districts, student fees and property taxes cover the $4500 FTES. In apportionment districts (FHDA) we rely on apportionment to make up the dollar amount to $4500.

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