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Meeting Notes - April 8, 2009

1:30-2:30 pm


1) Approval of Notes from March 11, 2009

The notes were approved.

2) Budget Update

Jeanpierre shared Andy Dunn's budget update to the Board of Trustees on April 6, 2009 reflecting the latest budget projections from the State and the updates to FHDA's structural budget deficit.

The following information was added to the discussion:

The De Anza that we currently know, may not be the same as the 'future' De Anza due to the severity of the budget reductions.  If the State revenues continue to decline and the ballot measures do not pass; the May revise is likely to be severe. If this is the case, FHDA will need to make even more reductions.

3) Budget Reduction Discussion

Jeanpierre distributed the “Principles and Strategies for Budget Reductions” approved by the Chancellor’s Advisory Council on February 29, 2008.

  • The District will provide the Board with list of 66 total positions (32 De Anza positions) if no concessions are agreed to at the negotiation table. The positions (fund 14 only) breakdown as follows:

Finance $504,661 (7 - 8 positions)
Student Services – (11 positions)
Instruction – (15 positions)
President & Marketing - $105k

  • The President is going to every group and dept to talk about the budget at both a campus and departmental level
  • The FTFO is 516 : De Anza is hiring 7 faculty
  • The President has agreed that using the current vacancies is a matter of convenience only and not a statement that such positions are not necessary
  • Michaelis had a discussion with DASB regarding funding Student Accounts staff but DASB cited budget problems of their own for declining the request
  • Most departments in the VP1 area are fund 15/enterprise funds
Current strategies for VP1:
  • College services - 4 vacant custodial positions (approx. $229k). This negative impact to custodial service is very noticeable in the Student Services building. New buildings coming online and reduced staffing levels will impact students
  • Technology Resources Group – Production Operations Coordinator ($120k) currently filled by a person on full term disability
  • This leaves approx. $150k of savings to come up with
Jeanpierre asked the team to look at everything in their areas again and discuss setting criteria for budget reductions and prioritizing tasks; looking at budgets; possibly transferring staff to other funding sources. etc.

Jeanpierre and Jones-Dulin again reiterated that although a reduction to overall compensation packages could negate the need for layoffs, negotiated items such as medical benefits and salary reductions cannot be part of the area’s budget reductions.



Present: Michaelis, Montgomery, Harada, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Jones-Dulin, Kahn.
Notes: Gibson

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