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Meeting Notes - April 27, 2011

1) Approval of Notes from April 14, 2011

The notes were approved.


2) Program Review / AUO Presentations

Grounds: Cooke presented the program review for the grounds area. He reminded the team that in 2001 there were 11 grounds staff in the department but now there are only 5. He referred to the APPA standards as a rating system. He briefly reviewed the major duties of the department and explained that they could no longer function without the assistance of the custodial team who have taken over the duties of clearing some of the outside trashcans.  There are two maintenance workers in Educational resources that can work in either area. 

This department has already cut 6 staff members (50%) of the workforce in the last 10 years. There is no way to trim this unit anymore. Health and safety would be compromised beyond an acceptable degree. Taking into account paid time off, grounds are often staffed by only two workers, which is already severely taxing the aesthetics of the campus.  

Jones-Dulin presented the program review for Printing Services. This is an enterprise account (self-funded).  In the recent move to the Baldwin Winery, the department had to give up the offset printing function which will result in a loss of $130,000 revenue per year.  70% of the income for Printing Services comes from the departments. Printing Services is working to build community connections to supplement their income. Price comparison for printing costs is included in the program review and reflects that the Print Shop charges very competitive rates with other store front vendors.  

Personnel: Michaelis presented the Personnel program review. She outlined the duties of the one-person department. She noted that, so far, this department has not seen any economies of time from banner.

Payroll: Michaelis presented the Payroll program review. She outlined the duties of department. She noted that so far there are no economies of time from banner but that they are still working to improve the banner system in the Payroll area.  The team asked for clarification on some of the figures.


3) Divisional Budget Reduction Discussion

Jeanpierre had meet with many departments to present the latest reduction scenarios and to assist with budget related questions.

Jeanpierre asked each manager to talk to their departments to discuss and elicit input for potential budget reductions. The results of these departmental discussions will be bought to the PBT for division- wide review. The PBT will draft a division wide budget reduction proposal and present it along with the other PBTs for review at College Council on May 26, 2011. The colleges and district will present their institutional budget reduction scenarios to the Board on June 20, 2011.

Jeanpierre thanked the team for their time and offered her continued support to the departments inviting them to ask questions/request clarification on any issue at any time.


4) Quick News

None reported


Present: Cooke, Gerard, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Jones-Dulin, Kahn, Michaelis. Notes: Gibson

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