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Meeting Notes - May 7, 2009

1) Marketing & Communications Program Review Presentation

Spatafore presented the program review for her department.


2) Budget Reduction Review and Ideas to Reach the Monetary Goal

Jones-Dulin reminded the group that the VP1 area and the President's area (which includes the Marketing & Communications department) had a goal of $610,000 in cuts. So far, the group had identified approx. $500,000 of cuts leaving approx. $100,000 of cuts yet to be found. The group brainstormed for additional ideas which included:

  • Classified staff teaching an online class
  • Discontinuing the printing of Schedules and Catalogs (approx. $35,000)
  • Of the $175,000 Marketing B Budget, $75,000 was already committed
  • Verio costs would be transferred from Marketing to the TRG department

If the goal was not met through identified cuts, Senior Staff may have to look at positions.

If the May Ballott measures do not pass and the May Revise comes in with substantial budget cuts to Community Colleges, the District may be facing a further $9M in cuts.


Present: Harada, Jones-Dulin, Kahn, Montgomery, Spatafore, Notes: Gibson. Apologies: Jeanpierre, Jenkins.

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