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Meeting Notes - May 10, 2012

Budget Update
  • ACBO meets on May 21,2012
  • Bernata will have district analysis late May.
  • Operating at a deficit.
  • Jeanpierre distributed “Version 2 Pre-May Revise_ May 10,2012” spreadsheet.
  • FER_PBT ‘s goal is $412,877
  • President and Marketing goal is $58,982


  • Summer (Now):   Discussion on consolidation reviews. Review and Update AUO's
  • September:         Make some preliminary scenarios.
  • After November Ballot: Ready to make reductions.


District wide                                          De Anza

  Best case = $12m                                   $4.5m (11-12)

  Worst case = $17m                                 $7.5m (12-13)

- ACE and classified senate have been diligent in staff informed.

- Even though reduction scenario is very painful, we will go through it.

  2011-12: $10m operational deficit.

- Since 08-09:

  • Lower enrollment
  • Anecdotal evidence only.
  • No clear evidence to pin point reasons.


Present: Gerard, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Kahn, Michaelis, Montgomery. Notes: Gibson.

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