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Meeting Notes - May 11, 2011



1) Approve Notes from April 27, 2011

The notes were approved.


2) VP1 Budget Reduction Discussions - cont.

Kevin McElroy sent out a detailed template to Jeanpierre which she adapted for use by the PBT.

Please state the bargaining unit and only list positions not names on the worksheet.

Kahn reviewed the three scenarios the TRG department discussed. Every scenario would devastate the department and vastly reduce/eliminate technical /online /research & development support that the department currently provides across the campus. Jeanpierre recommended that the department think carefully about what TRG’s mission would be if the full extent of the cuts come to pass.

Michaelis shared her scenario with the team.  This scenario would reduce services which would impact the campus.

The Educational Resources division has two vacancies and very few options for achieving the targeted cuts other than staffing reductions.

Jeanpierre voiced her concern saying that reductions of such magnitude would severely impact the college and employees & students.  Such dramatic decisions are very difficult to make and the members should be sensitive to the heightened stress levels that staff are under. Jeanpierre was hopeful that the final scenario would be far less damaging than the ‘all cuts’ scenarios that the Board had requested the colleges present. However, until the state budget improves the colleges’ had to prepare for the worst case scenario.  Jeanpierre reminded the members to include a restoration priority list in their plans.

There was a brief discussion on furloughs, contract reductions, bargaining unit negotiations and if/how they might play a part in the budget reduction scenarios.


3) Quick News

OTI will be joining the VP1 area in July 2011. They are a self-sustaining fund.



Present: Gerard, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Kahn, Michaelis. Notes: Gibson

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