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Meeting Notes - May 24, 2011


1) Approve notes from May 11, 2011

The notes were approved.


2) Budget Reduction Plans for VP1

Although the May Revise came in with some better than expected numbers, the District has decided to present the original reduction plans of $30M to the Board. The plans will be updated as we determine what relief we are getting.

Jeanpierre reviewed the summary of the proposed reductions for the VP1 area.  The areas share is 7% of the campus-wide budget. The total budget for VP1 is $5,020,139 . The reduction target is $1,066,860 which equals 21%.


TRG: $231,811 reduction target. Kahn reported that all the scenarios discussed at their department meeting were disastrous to the department but they chose the scenario that would be the least devastating to the college.  Many departments are looking to shift to online services to try and mitigate budget cuts. However, the reductions to TRG will mean the department will not have the capacity to provide support. Kahn reiterated that these reductions were not based on TRG’s preferences but on campus-wide needs. TRG used to have 25 student employees now they have 5.

Under the current budget reduction scenario the impacts would be:

  • Loss of capacity to grow distance or hybrid courses and new online projects.
  • Loss /reduced support to iTuneU, Catalyst, OmniUpdate (WCMS).
  • Loss of support for specialized classroom technologies VPAC, Kirsch, ATC, Creative Arts, Euphrat, Campus Center, etc.
  • Loss of classroom tech training (only department on campus that performs this service).
  • Loss of support for luminous Portal, SLO, campus events (i.e. opening day) AV support.

Restoration: 1st priority is to reinstate the web tech position. 2nd is to reinstate the video system tech.


Budget & Personnel, Student Accounts, Cashiering Services, VP-FER: $262,839 reduction target. Michaelis met with her group to discuss the situation. The area’s options are very limited as they only have a small B budget and the department is mainly staffed by one-person-one-job positions. Gerard thanked Michaelis for her honoring the staff’s inability to discuss negotiated issues and for making the tough decisions needed under the budget reduction scenario.

Under the current budget reduction scenario the impacts would be:

  • Loss of ability to take on new assignment projects (banner).
  • Loss of ability to process assignments in a timely matter.
  • Loss of certain services to faculty staff and management.

Restoration: Dependent upon DASB funding commitment.


AVP-FER, Custodial Services, Emergency Prep, Grounds, Postal Services: $572,211 reduction target. Jones-Dulin met with the grounds and custodial departments and explained the extent of the reductions allocated to their area. The other departments in her area (Bookstore, Print Shop, Dining Services, Facilities Rentals) are self-sustaining and do not use general fund money. She reported that the Bookstore and Print Shop have some reserves but Dining Services does not.

She also reported the division has very few options available to them as the B budget is already reduced to the bare minimum and basically just covers the essentials such as toilet paper and trash bags. The rest of the area’s budget is in staffing costs. The mailroom is a one-person operation. There are currently 25 general college-wide custodians and 1 maintenance worker. 5 of these 25 custodians are Campus Center custodians paid for from the campus center use fee and whom only work in the campus center. 10 years ago there were 11 grounds staff now there are 4. The custodial department used to be staffed by 30 and with these cuts there will be 13 college-wide custodians left and 1 maintenance worker.Even with the staffing cuts the area is still approx. $20k short of their budget target. This shortfall is being backfilled by B budget from VP FER.

Under the current budget reduction scenario the impacts would be:

  • Campus environment at Level 5 AAPA standard. "Unkempt Neglect". Each custodian would have to clean 45600 sq.ft. every day to maintain this level of "cleanliness".
  • Untimely trash pickups. Trash on campus.
  • Dingy campus.
  • Dirty bathrooms.
  • Shabby classrooms and labs.
  • Damaged reputation as an aesthetically pleasing and beautiful campus.

Jones-Dulin stated that when she walks around campus she is disheartened.

Restoration: Reinstate as many custodian positions as possible.


Statement to College Council

In principle the team agreed on the final reduction plan for the FER  PBT area. The team recommended the following statement to College Council: The Finance & Educational Resources PBT has met its budget reduction target but it does not recommended the proposals. It is the PBTs fervent hope that it does not have to make these cuts. If the District’s budget reduction goal is not as severe as anticipated, the FERPBT would like to reinstate the positions identified in their reduction report.  



Present: Gerard, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Jones-Dulin, Kahn, Michaelis, Montgomery. Notes: Gibson.

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