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Meeting Notes - June 17, 2010

1) Approval of Notes from April 14, 2010.

The Notes were approved.


2) CBOC Quarterly Summary Report

Jeanpierre reviewed the CBOC report and explained the figures.


3) De Anza Fund Balance

Districtwide budget is on target. There is approx. $2M more in revenues than than expenses to the district is anticipating being able to extent the Escrow II positions another year. The district is still waiting for the state to confirm its budget.

Jeanpierre reviewed a handout named "DA College Proposed Use of Fund Balance for 2010-2012." Jeanpierre noted the content came out of the process from budget reductions last year and that it is a living document and would be updated as needed. This spreadsheet does not include float money or 'B' budget.

  Jeanpierre noted that the district is researching setting up a grants office and that they are considering using potential parcel tax dollars for seed money.

The De Anza estimated EFB at the end of 2011-2012 year is $270,668.

Andy Dunn leaves on August 13, 2010. The search committee is finalizing the VC Business Services process.


4) Measure C Prioritization Process

Jeanpierre passed out a handout named "Measure C Prioritization Process in 2010-2011." She explained the document in detail.

The prioritization discussions will commence in Fall 2010. Each PBT will prioritize their requests to be forwarded to other governance groups for institutional prioritization.

F&ER PBT will be doing program review updates in Summer 2010.

Technology Task Force will look at an institutional prioritization.

Parcel Tax:

Jeanpierre asked the group to consider what recommendations should be brought forward for consideration.

The preliminary polling showed a 71 % approval at $69 per year over 6 years. The item only needs  66.6% approval.

The Board agreed to move forward on placing a parcel tax on the ballot.

Book Vouchers were a proposed use of the parcel tax dollars.


Montgomery reported that "shrinkage" (theft) is reduced.

The bookstore reduced student labor by one third ($11K) and together with the implementation of other changes the bottom line has improved. 

Apple has signed the contract but has not provided iPads for promotion/sale


ED Resources:

Mediated Learning Center design won a best design award.

Grounds and custodians are laboring under reduced staffing levels. There will be two new custodians for the campus center funded by the campus center fee. Revenue from this fee will also be funding a new stage, sound equipment, & patio seating.

DASB will take over Financial Aid's space when they move to the Baldwin Winery.

Enterprise funds are researching Point of Sale security issues with credit cards.

New process for employing contractors for MLC. Instead of lowest bid, it will be done on a "lease-lease-back" scenario. There will be a better partnership between the contractor and the college.



Kahn has been really careful about using student labor efficiency. They are short of staff in general and especially for VPAC. VPAC is booked almost everyday, including weekends.  

TRG met with Stacey Cook to share the many ways that the department supports the campus. 


Marketing has been working on updating the campus home page. They will need to work with TRG in order to make any changes live.

The Accreditation web site is being updated on a regular basis.

TRG and Technology Task Force are working on updating the DA Tech Plan.


Present: Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Jones-Dulin, Kahn, Montgomery. Notes: Gibson

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