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Meeting Notes - July 27, 2010

1) Approval of notes from June 17, 2010.

The notes were approved.


2) Process of Updating the Program Reviews           

 AUO (Administrative Unit Outcomes):

  • Educational Resources have begun the AUO process.
  • It is difficult to write AUO’s that are measurable.
  • Surveys are a useful evaluation tool but not the only tool.
  • Budget & Personnel have just started the AUO process.
  • Technology Resources Group & Marketing have not started the process yet.
  • Each department should have at least one unit mission statement and should develop an AUO that makes unit goals measurable.
  • Focus on essentials that departments can address.
  • 3 M’s: Meaningful, Manageable, Measurable.
  • AUO’s should be completed by the end of the Fall quarter 2010.
  • Jeanpierre asked the group to review their department's program reviews and update them this summer.



Jeanpierre passed out the approved Measure C technology request process.

Kahn reported that his department were considering a name change that would accurately reflect the duties of the department.

There are on-going discussions on setting up a grants office.

The EFB (ending fund balance) is being finalized and will be released next week.

OTI lost a $1 million grant which has negatively impacted many college departments who rely on  students workers  (CDC, A&R, etc.) 

The Bookstore year end close reflected a $140K profit. The team congratulated Montgomery on the department's performance during this difficult period.

Present: Gerard, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Jones-Dulin, Kahn, Michaelis, Montgomery. Notes: Gibson.

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