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Meeting Notes - October 10, 2012


1) Approve Notes from October 3, 2012

The notes were approved with a change to the item 4) title.


2) Review of Draft Accreditation Follow-Up Report

Spatafore reviewed the draft of the accreditation follow up report with the members.

She explained the accreditation team had three recommendations which were addressed in the follow up report.

  • Mission statement is scheduled to be reviewed next year
  • Steps to assess the college's planning model have been devised
  • SLO proficiency is documented

Spatafore asked for comments and feedback. The members agreed that no amendments or clarifications were needed. The report will now be forwarded to College Council for review and approval. Spatafore thanked the  institutional researcher and college planning team chair (Mallory Newell) and the SLO core team for their work on this document.


3) Governance Assessment Form

Newell explained that this form had been devised to assess the governance structure and 6-year planning cycle.

Newell loaded the report and assisted the team with completing the survey.


4) Quick News

The team were reminded that the fund 14 program review updates are due on October 16, 2012 and the self funded departments program review updates are due in November 2012.

The Measure C FF&E fund requests are being reviewed and each manager/dean will meet with Jeanpierre and Couch-Vong to review eligibility and procedures.


Present: Gerard, Harada, Jenkins, Montgomery, Spatafore, Watson. Notes GIbson.

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