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Meeting Notes - October 18, 2012


1) Approve Notes from October 10, 2012

 The notes were approved.


2) Program Reviews:

  • Kahn, Watson and Jones Dulin presented their program review updates. After an indepth discussion of the limited budget reduction options for the area the team reluctantly agree to present four positions to College Council. Two in Custodial Services; one in Technology Resources and a reorganization in Budget and Personnel.

  • The team are mindful that every department on campus is struggling with making reduction targets and noted for the record that they do not support the elimination of more positions in areas that have already been greatly impacted.
  • The meeting October 19, 2012 (Special Budget Decision Meeting) would be canceled as the team made the reduction decisions at today's meeting.


3) Quick News:



Present: Gerard, Harada, Jenkins, Montgomery, Spatafore, Watson. Notes GIbson.









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