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Meeting Notes - October 23, 2009

ADM 109

10:00-11:00 a.m.


1) Welcome and Introductions.

The team introduced themselves.


2)  Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles, Activities & Training of Campus Budget Team Members

The team reviewed the Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles, Activities & Training of the Finance & Educational Resources team.


3)  Approval of Notes June 10, 2009

The notes were approved.


4) Phase II Budget Reduction Discussion

Jeanpierre distributed a handout named 2009-2010 Phase II Planning Funds 14 & Categorical Budgets & Reductions. The purpose of the information was to give a feel for what sort of impacts the phase II cuts would have to the campus if all the cuts had to come from the general fund. The worksheets are for discussion purposes only.

FHDA's  deficit is approx. $16.5M. De Anza College's portion is approx. $7M. The B budgets have already been reduced drastically that no further savings can be taken from this area. De Anza College would have to cut approx. 86 positions to meet the $7M targeted goal.

The first option on the spreadsheet would restrict the cuts to where the categorical funding had been reduced. The second scenario would reduce positions campus wide. There are approx. 249 classified positions  at De Anza College. Last year the College eliminated 30 classified positions. The fund balance buys time to make informed & thoughtful decisions. Negotiations are ongoing with the unions/meet & confer groups for costs savings.

State mandates are mostly still in place. Federal mandates remain in place for DSS. The District is still researching this area to ascertain where/if mandates have been relaxed. The cuts to categorical cuts effect the neediest students in a dramatic way.

The Child Development Center is presently self sustaining, but there are cuts to funding in this area. Presently, it looks as if there will be a $529k reduction from the allocated tax bailout money and it is doubtful that any future tax bailout funding would be available.  The director is working on scenarios to address the problem, which include swapping student interns funding to OTI; Federal Stimulus funding;  approx. $60-90k in outreach funding; $70-80k Head Start expansion; funding raising, etc. The estimated shortfall would be approx. 5% of operational funding.

The second worksheet Jeanpierre presented was the breakdown of reductions for the VP1 area. The Phase II reductions for the VP1 area looks at being between $483k & $764k.

Jeanpierre shared with the team some possible budget reduction scenarios, which included the elimination of two vacant positions and transferring a part of Jones-Dulin’s salary to Measure C. This would achieve approx. $300k in savings.

Educational Resources have looked at the Custodians and Grounds departments and advised these departments are already very short staffed. The Grounds department would be down to 5 on the crew to cover 112 acres. Custodians would be down to 21 on the crew, who would have to clean 61 buildings with approx. 116 classrooms, 43 labs, 95 restrooms and 774,854  sqft of campus facilities. This would equate to 36,898 sqft per custodian. Custodians also do table setup for events and small office moves. There is a possibility of transferring some custodial salary expenses to some of the self sustaining entities.

Jeanpierre asked the team for other ideas and a discussion ensured on the following two points.

  •  Consolidation/combining of some of the services that are performed at both the district and De Anza College
  •  Print shop reduction of fees. Jones-Dulin advised it would not be viable to reduce fees. Materials fees are used for many print jobs.

The PBT requested that when the College starts to restore positions that it keeps in mind the ones VP1 have given up.

Jeanpierre would take this proposal to the President next week. The Chancellor has requested a framework for the proposed budget reductions by November 2, 2009.


Present: Gerard, Harada, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Jones-Dulin, Michaelis, Montgomery, Nicole Lau (DASB). Notes: Gibson

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