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Meeting Notes - November 8, 2011


1) Welcome & Introductions

The team introduced themselves and welcomed Christian DASB to the meeting. Current Vice chair of diversity and events. UC Berkley.


2) Charge, Goals, Ground Rules, Principles, and Training PBT Members

The team reminded themselves of the charge, goals, ground rules, principles.


3) Approve Notes from May 24, 2011

The notes were approved.


4) Measure C FF&E Request Process

Timelines for Budget & Measure C FF&E Requests

Jeanpierre distributed an updated calendar/timeline document that reflected the change to the Measure C FF&E request deadline as well as other minor date changes.

Jeanpierre reminded the team that purchasing deadlines/bid requirements/Board approval processes were driving the tight deadlines. However, after discussions at both the district and college level it became apparent that the February 2012 deadline was not a realistic goal. In light of this new information, Jeanpierre suggested that the timing be delayed to reflect the new December 1, 2011 date so requestors and governance groups have time to carefully review and prioritize the requests. . She asked the group for their input on the document. The following schedule was approved:

  • Measure C FF&E Requests Due To VPs (12/1/11)
  • Joint Technology Task Force & Campus Budget Meeting To Finalize Measure C FF&E Evaluation Matrix (12/1/11)
  • Joint Tech Task Force & Campus Budget Meeting To Begin Review Of Measure C FF&E Requests (2/2/12)
  • PBTs Give Final Prioritized Requests to VP Finance & Educational Resources (2/10/12)
  • Joint Campus Budget & Technology Task Force Meeting to Review Measure C FF&E Requests/Prioritize Requests (2/14/12)
  • Joint Campus Budget & Technology Task Force Meeting to Review Measure C FF&E Requests/Prioritize Requests (2/28/12)
  • Joint Technology Task Force & Campus Budget Meeting To Review Measure C FF&E Requests/Prioritize Requests  (3/1/12)
  • Campus Budget and Technology Task Force make Measure C FF&E Recommendations To College Council (3/8/12 or 3/22/12 depending on progress)

Jeanpierre shared that the Campus Budget Team had discussed how to facilitate working with the shared governance teams to ensure a collaborative process and that the CBTs proposal was for the Campus Budget & Technology Task Force groups to work together on the matrix & prioritization project. This is reflected in the time above.

Budget Update & Reductions Scenarios:


The figures on these spreadsheets are based on a worst-case scenario, as it’s easier to pull back than it is to make deeper cuts. There is no expectation to make staffing reductions for the FY11-12 year. De Anza has approx. $44M in fund balance due to some intelligent budgeting. It is hoped that there is enough money to backfill for FY12-13, however there is likely to be reductions in FY13-14 unless the budget outlook improves.

The PBTs budget reduction scenarios are to be complete by December 1, 2011. The team agreed to add an additional FER PBT Meeting on December 2, 2011 to finalize the proposals they would present to College Council. Each PBT will present their proposals to College Council on December 8, 2011. The President will take the Campus reductions to Chancellor’s Council for review on December 15, 2011.

President Murphy has stated that the Ground department cannot be cut any further as there are only four employees to cover the whole campus.

Harada advised that the CDC are working hard on their garden project.

Jeanpierre congratulated our co-chair, Lois, on her tremendous work on Accreditation and thanked Wanda Lee for her support during the accreditation visit.


Present: Gerard, Jeanpierre, Jenkins, Harada, Kahn, Christian Aguilar (DASB). Notes: Gibson.

Apologies: Beckum, Jones-Dulin, Michaelis, Montgomery.

Guests: Wanda Lee.

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