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Meeting Notes - December 8, 2010


1)   Approve the Notes from October 13, 2010

The notes were approved.


2)  Accreditation Updates

 Jeanpierre is heading the Finance section, Michaels is heading up HR, Jones-Dulin is doing Resources, and Metcalf is leading Technology. The first drafts are due by January 3, 2011.

The HR first draft is almost complete. Jeanpierre is finishing up the Finance section. Jones-Dulin is working on Resources & Metcalf has completed the Technology section.


AUOs  & Program Reviews

Kahn displayed and reviewed the draft AUO and Program Review for TRG. The team congratulated Kahn on the quality of the reports and provided feedback and recommendations.

Jeanpierre requested that all departments have a first draft of their department’s AUOs and Program Reviews complete by end January 2011.


3) Six-year Outcomes Based Program Review Plan

The following summary was provided by Jim Haynes.

 "The other PBTs have seen the latest proposal to adopt the six-year Outcomes Based Program Review plan (see attached).  The updated proposal plan is to conduct our review of the educational master plan (including: Mission, ICC, Strategic Initiatives, etc.) in 2014-15. We hope the PBTs will approve plan but also recognize and approve to move the comprehensive (Mega) program review to 2013-14, the year before the ed. master plan review.  This action will change the program review process in that in addition to reviewing how a program area is doing in relationship to the major guiding documents, programs will now be asked to inform the ed. master plan review process through their Mega Reviews.  This would entail including criteria in the Mega review addressing trends, future directions, what plans need to be implemented based on assessment results, etc. Program Reviews would continue to be annually updated in the years between the Mega Reviews to keep their program information current and reflective of their ongoing outcomes assessment activities.  With their acceptance of this plan, the IPBT and the SSPBT are already in the process to determine the criteria for the Mega Review and the annual updates.  We want to be sure the FERPBT is also on board. Could you put this on your FERPBT agenda for next week (Dec. 8) and ask for general agreement that this is the right direction to proceed?"

Anderson explained that the college needed a campus wide evaluation process for self-improvement and accreditation purposes. This planning chart would provide a tool for thoughtful decision making. Anderson reported that the IPBT and SSPBT had endorsed the concept and asked for the group’s support for the concept of the proposed planning chart.

The group supported the concept of the planning chart. Having been approved by the PBT groups, it would now go to College Council for review and approval.


 4) Quick News

Montgomery reported that the Bookstore’s new books sales are down significantly and used sales were also down significantly. Clothing and supplies are flat.  Rental book transaction increased by over 150%. Fall enrollment was down by 5%.


Present: Anderson, Gerard, Jeanpierre, Kahn, Michaelis, Montgomery. Apologies: Jenkins, Jones-Dulin, Harada. Notes: Gibson

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