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Instructional Planning & Budget Team

Meeting Notes - May 18, 2008

Christina Espinosa-Pieb/Cynthia Lee-Klawender—Co-Chairs

Present:Anderson, Bradshaw, Bryant, Cadge-Moore, Cook, Espinosa-Pieb, Hearn, Irvin, Knittel, Kubo, Lee-Klawender, McFarland, Mowrey, Schroeder, Singh, Tomaneng, Ghamrawi

Visitors: Anne Argyriou, Bradley Creamer, Fran Frazer, Rich Hansen, Cheryl Woodward


I.   Approval of Agenda Notes: Notes of May 11, 2010 were approved as written, and the agenda for May 18, 2010 was approved with the following changes: (1) Add, IPBT Committee Composition, and (2) postpone Budget Update to the following week.

  II.   Committee Composition: The following changes were acknowledged: (1) Duane Kubo and Judy Mowrey will be leaving due to retirement; (2) Ron McFarland will be taking a vacant administrator’s position; and (3) Bradley Creamer may fill the vacant classified position or be a representative of ACE. The goal is to look to each of the contingency groups—noting the composition—so that the committee is all prepared for discussions beginning Fall Quarter, 2010.

The policy on part-time faculty serving on IPBT was addressed and a discussion will occur on the topic at Faculty Senate.

III.   Program Review Process (finalized?): There were no additions made to this document.

IV.   Program Review Assignments: The following program review assignments were made:

            Academic Services—K. Singh, D. Bradshaw, R. Tomaneng  

            Biological/Health/Environmental Sciences, etc.--C. Cadge-Moore, G. Knittel, R. Schroeder

            Business/Computer Systems—G. Anderson, B. Creamer, L. Hearn

            Creative Arts—J. Mowrey, D. Bradshaw, R. Schroeder, L. Ghamrawi

            Intercultural/International Studies—R. Bryant, G. Knittel, L. Hearn

            Language Arts—K. Singh, B. Creamer, H. Irvin, L. Ghamrawi     

            Learning Resources—C. Cadge-Moore, D. Bradshaw, R. McFarland     

            Physical Education/Athletics—J. Mowrey, G. Knittel, H. Irvin 

            Physical Sciences/Math/Engineering—G. Anderson, B. Creamer, R. McFarland

            Social Sciences—C. Lee-Klawender, D. Bradshaw, R. Tomaneng 

V.   Program Review Rubrics:  C. Lee-Klawender displayed a previous Program Review Criteria Scoring Guide from CIS, and she asked for input. There was a discussion pertaining to the following: (1) how to deal with classes being cut—affecting FTES growth; (2) the possibility of eliminating the first two rows in the Quantitative Info section; (3) rate, if applicable 1a, 1b, under the Qualitative Info section, (4) add something regarding SLO/SLOAC, and (5) to better define equity—relating to the criteria of the rubric needs. A suggestion was made to prepare a form to help instruct those that are working on the program reviews. It was reminded that the rubric form should be something that will be looked at five years from now. The discussion on this topic will continue at the next IPBT meeting.

VI.   Good of the Order: none


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