Sunken Garden Fountain

Instructional Planning & Budget Team

Christina Espinosa-Pieb - Chair

Randy Bryant - Chair


Present: Administrative Reps: Espinosa-Pieb, Fayek, Kandula, Lee-Wheat, Norte, Tomaneng

               Classified Reps: Gerard, Martinez, Trosper

               Faculty Reps: Alves de Lima, Bram, Bryant, Maynard

               Student Reps: Nehal Desal

Absent:  Yeckley

Visitors: Susan Cheu, Lisa Markus, Lorna Maynard


Welcome: New IPBT members were introduced and welcomed.


Approval of Notes: The notes of June 17, 2014 were approved.



Fall 2014 – FON (Faculty Obligation Number)

Spring 2015 – Program Reviews 

Espinosa-Pieb and Bryant will work on the IPBT timeline for 2014-2015 FY and will bring it to the next meeting.

FON Discussion:

The members recapped the faculty hiring process from the last year. Espinosa-Pieb advised the members that the same faculty hiring process would be used this year. Espinosa-Pieb shared that the district expects us to use the same criteria as last year. i.e. The positions must be supported by evidence of high waitlist; high demand; seat count of 40 or more; and show the completion of the course. Espinosa-Pieb will bring the enrollment information & list of faculty positions from last year.

Career Technical Education (CTE) News:

Bryant shared with the group that there is CTE funding and the proposal was to bring it to IPBT for final authorization. Espinosa-Pieb confirmed that Margaret Bdzil would be invited for the discussion and decision-making.


Building: Administration
Contact: Olga Evert
Phone: 408.864.8940


Last Updated: 10/22/14